2022 Color of the Year: How To Use Evergreen Fog in Your Home

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2022 Color of the Year: How To Use Evergreen Fog in Your Home

38 days to go before 2022 so let's get started on the colors for welcoming a brand new year. There are four colors to remember for 2022: Evergreen Fog, Cascade, Cerulean Blue & Aqua Menthe. Let's talk about Evergreen Fog. 

Evergreen Fog is the Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of the Year. Sherwin Williams is a top global manufacturer of paints. Evergreen Fog is a calming organic color that does well under natural light. Its modern look is a perfect upgrade to any interior. 

Being an organic color, it goes well with warm whites, browns and earthy orange tones. It goes well with anything wooden:  wooden wall clocks, wooden wall decors & wooden finish cabinets

If your walls are painted with Evergreen Fog, your windows are best dressed with white grommet curtains and with a shaggy green and white carpet completing the look. Hanging wooden picture frames on the walls will further increase that homey look of your home. 

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