Choosing a Camping Tent

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Choosing a Camping Tent

Your camping tent could either make it a camping to remember or will lead to an inevitable camping disaster. So it is important to choose your tent wisely before heading out. 

There are two common types of tents in the Philippines. One is the dome tent and the other is the Pop-Up Tent. 

A dome tent is made of two flexible poles that you cross at the top of the dome and you anchor the ends on the ground. 

A Pop-Up Tent has integrated jointed support poles that pop into place. All you need to do is remove the cords tying the tent. There is no assembly required. A Pop-Up tent may also have a dome shape, like the one above. 

But while the Pop-Up Tent is more convenient, assembly wise, it is often flimsier than a dome tent. It might not withstand moderate wind and rain. 

At this point, you will need to consider between convenience of setting up your camping tent and the assurance that you will still be safe and dry in the event that you get rained on. For perfect summer nights, a Pop-Up tent will do. However, if you think there is a chance of rain or if you intend to camp for more than one night, a dome tent is the better choice. 

When choosing a tent, you will also have to consider the number of people occupying the tent. Tent capacities are usually by 2's --- good for 2 persons, 4 persons, 6 persons and so on. Remember, the bigger the capacity, the bigger the tent is going to be and the heavier it will be. This should be a great consideration if you need to hike to get to a campsite. 

You should also consider ventilation when buying a tent. There are often 3 points where air could get into a dome tent --- through the door, through a window and on top of the tent. When buying a camping tent, always check if the tent's ventilation suits you. 

Prices of camping tents are related to quality. Relative to the price, you need to check if the poles are sturdy, the fabric of the tent is waterproof and the tent is well stiched together. Be on the lookout for substandard zippers. More expensive tents will also have other features like removable top covering so you can stargaze inside the tent, storage accesories and canopies. 

If you are interested to check out some dome tents, you can visit the Sporting Goods Section of Ororama Department Store or check them online through the: