Enhancing Your Body Shape with Body Shapers

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Enhancing Your Body Shape with Body Shapers

Saoirse Ronan, Zendaya and Scarlett Johansson are considered one of the sexiest women alive today. Their good genes, discipline to stay in shape and strength of character all combine to make them desirable. They are the modern goddesses of our time. Their physical appeal comes from their striking good looks and close to perfect bodies. 

All three women have admitted that it takes some work keeping their curves, be it in the form of consistent exercise or a well thought of eating regimen.

For us mere mortals who cannot resist a Krispy Kreme and who would rather Netflix and chill the entire weekend, don't despair. There's an easy way to tuck fats in the right places without resorting to expensive liposuction. 

Let's start with the breasts. The idea is to make them appear bigger than the stomach. This means that you want them lifted and pushed together for maximum cleavage. For this you will need a push up bra with underwire support and padding. 

For the stomach, you want them as flattest as they could be. For this, you will need a good girdle. A good girdle should be able to hold the fats in place while allowing you to comfortably breathe. The material should also be cool enough so you don't perspire heavily while wearing it. 

There are many types of girdles. There's the full girdle which covers the entire torso plus the thighs. Another type is the sando girdle which covers the breast until the hips. If you just specifically want to control the fats of the tummy area, a belt girdle would be a good choice. If you want to include the lower abdomen and the butt area in shaping, go for the panty girdle

And if you have the misfortune of having a flat butt, you could plump yours up with a padded panty. It is crucial to have a snug padded panty so your butt does not look saggy. 

But remember ladies, all these body shapers can only enhance what you have. It will never be the source of your sex appeal because for that, you will need to think and feel sexy to be sexy. Think it and you will be it. 

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