Lower Your Job Stress in 5 Easy Steps

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Lower Your Job Stress in 5 Easy Steps

A great work week starts with a plan. Taking the time to map out your tasks, objectives and goals for the week ahead can help you stay focused, on track and set yourself up for success. Start your Monday off right by getting organized. Prioritize your tasks and complete the most important ones first – and don’t forget to take regular breaks throughout the day. Staying organized is key to staying productive and staying on top of your deadlines.

Start the week with a plan.

Take advantage of technology. Whether that means setting up meeting reminders or using task management apps to keep track of your to-do lists, keep up with the latest tech trends that can help make life easier and more efficient. Make sure to stay focused and motivated. Set small, achievable goals throughout the day that will help you stay on track. Try to eliminate any distractions throughout the day and have a positive attitude, even when the going gets tough.

Stay focused & have a positive attitude.

Stay connected with colleagues. Working as part of a team can be challenging but also rewarding. Make sure to stay in touch with your coworkers, ask for help if needed and be supportive of each other’s successes and struggles. Finally, don’t forget to take time for yourself. Make sure you’re taking regular breaks to give your mind and body a rest. Find activities outside of work that will help you relax and enjoy your free time.

Additional tips:

Eat the right food to help you get through the day. Here are some foods that are known to help relieve stress:

Oatmeal - boosts serotonin, a calming chemical in the brain

Banana - reduces the production of stress hormones cortisol & adrenaline

Eggs - rich in choline, which aids in stress response

Sunflower seeds - high in stress-reducing nutrients, including magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, B vitamins, and copper

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