Wedding Gift Giving During The Pandemic

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Wedding Gift Giving During The Pandemic

What are some of the wedding gift giving etiquettes during the pandemic? 

We have to bear in mind that although weddings during the covid era are significantly smaller in scale, it is still a momentous event for the bride and groom. That said, your wedding gift should show that you are one with the couple in celebrating their union. 

Ninongs and ninangs of the couple are expected to give gifts. The same goes for the couple's immediate bosses or supervisors. Colleagues often contribute money to buy a gift as a group. If you are invited to a wedding as an honored guest, you are also expected to give a wedding gift. It is also expected that non-relatives invited to the wedding bring gifts. Close friends and family members may give gifts, if they can. 

What if I was not invited to the wedding but I am close to the couple? Should I still give a wedding gift? 

Pre-Covid, not inviting a close friend to your wedding is unthinkable, unless there is a very, very, very valid reason. 

During the pre-covid weddings, the rule of thumb is that if you are not present at the wedding, you can forego giving a wedding gift. Although it must also be said that if the reason is valid (such as the couple getting married outside of the country or it was a hasty, secret nuptial), people who are close to the couple would still send wedding gifts in celebration of the union. The same holds true today. 

With the government putting a cap on the number of wedding attendees during the pandemic, many close friends would not make the cut. 

Still, close friends of the couple often play an important role in their love story and would still want to be a part of that story even if the pandemic guest list makes it impossible to invite all those dear to the heart. So yes, sending a wedding gift to the couple would be a great idea. 

What if I am close to the couple but the pandemic drastically changed my financial status? 

Real friends would understand, don't worry about not being able to give a wedding gift. 

Is it better to buy something for the couple or just give cash? 

Ideally, one gives a wedding gift to the couple and gives cash during the Money Dance. It is also common to forego the giving of the material gift and give a larger cash gift instead. A cash gift for a cash strapped couple would be a blessing and would help them in defraying some of the wedding expenses or would give them flexibility in buying the things they need in starting their married life. It may be different for a well off couple though. They might prefer a more well thought of gift that has sentimental value.   

But given the pandemic and the restriction on our mobility, it would be perfectly acceptable to give cash instead or gift certificates. 

Is it ok to have something delivered to the couple as a gift from an online store? 

Yes. Online shopping has become the norm during this pandemic. The couple would not be surprised to receive a parcel sent directly to them. These are instances when wedding gifts may not be gift wrapped. 

However, there are online stores that gift wrap for their customers and that may be a more suitable choice of store.

Ororama has a gift wrapping service for in-store and online purchases.  

What gift should I give? 

Wedding gifts are usually something that the couple could use as they start their married life. Common wedding gift choices are small home appliances, dinner sets and bath towels for the couple. Bedroom essentials like bedsheets, blankets & pillow cases are also common wedding gifts. 

Avoid giving sharp objects such as knives since it is a superstitious belief that giving this will lead to a broken marriage. Also refrain from giving something in black since this color is associated with death. 

Also check if the couple has enrolled in a gift registry. This is a good place to start of knowing what the couple wants as gifts.