Oro Mamas Share Cleaning Tips

6 minutes
Oro Mamas Share Cleaning Tips

Ororama kicks off the new year with its #OroramaCleanGaling campaign, infusing January with a burst of cleaning energy that sweeps through employees, shoppers, and Facebook fans. Get ready to witness the sparkle as we embark on a month long cleanliness crusade to make 2024 shine!

Just an hour into launching #OroramaCleanGaling, Oro Mamas flocked to Ororama's Facebook Page to share their own cleaning tips and hacks ranging from product recommendations to quick and effective solutions to daily cleaning challenges. 

Most Oro Mamas recommend using vinegar to tackle a variety of cleaning problems. 

Using the baking soda + vinegar combo is also a popular cleaning hack of Oro Mamas. 

Tips were also shared on cleaning pots, pans and kitchen grease. 

Tips on removing stains on clothes were also shared. 

Some advised fellow Oro Mamas on how to efficiently clean their homes. 

And there were also product recommendations and even product uses we never expected.