Typhoon Odette Preparedness Kit

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Typhoon Odette Preparedness Kit

It was ten years ago when typhoon Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro City and brought the Kagay-anons much grief and loss in its wake. The coming typhoon Odette brings renewed fears and disturbing memories for most of us. We are warned that we may experience heavy to torrential rains and most of us fear this will again submerge the vulnerable flood-risk areas of Cagayan de Oro in water, causing damage to properties and potentially death amongst families. 

While we pray that we will not witness the realization of our fears, we have to prepare for typhoon Odette. 

Here are some basic things you might want to include in your Typhoon Odette Preparedness Kit. 


Stock both drinking water and water you will be needing for hygienic purposes in case water will be cut off or tap water will become muddy. A couple of bottled water will also come in handy in case you will need to evacuate. If your home is in a flood safe zone, storing gallons of water will also be a good idea, just in case tap water will be cut off. You can store extra water in 5 gallon jug containers, 5 gallon mineral water container, or even in heavy duty 120 liter water containers


Stock up on food that requires minimal cooking. This means canned food will be your best option. They last longer. Ready-to-eat canned food will be very convenient during a typhoon. Make sure you also have a can opener handy. 

Being a rice eating Filipino, rice is also a must have. 

Even if you are in a flood safe zone, be sure you also have enough food supplies in case you will not be able to do your grocery shopping after the typhoon. 

Candles, Flashlight, Matches

In case of power outage, be sure you have sufficient candles and flashlights as well as matches. Make sure your flashlights have a working battery. Charge all rechargeable flashlights, lamps and power banks in advance. 

First Aid Kit

Make sure you have at least band-aids, alcohol, cotton and an antiseptic solution in your first aid kit

Anti-Covid Essentials

With the current pandemic, we must keep safe from both the typhoon and covid. Should you be required to evacuate, bring your anti-covid essentials to keep yourself safe from the covid virus. 

Rain boots, raincoat & umbrellas

A common concern during flooding is the rise in leptospirosis cases. We often get leptospirosis from getting in contact with infected urine of animals, which usually happens when people have to wade in dirty flood waters. This is why rain boots are important, specially if you are in a flood risk area. We have rain boots for men, women and children in-store and online. 

We also have an assortment of raincoat and umbrellas that you can choose from. 

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We deliver door-to-door within Cagayan de Oro and we ship nationwide. 

Keep safe everyone. Prayers and preparedness will get us through Typhoon Odette.